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Regional Theatre

Omega Holidays goes beyond the West End, to theatrical venues in some of the loveliest places in England. So why don't you come too? Sample the best of the West End on tour, brought to you fresh from success in the capital, or enjoy some of the home–grown dramatic delights of the UK's regions.

“The regions also have some particularly good theatrical gems of their own. But they offer you something else too; a chance to explore the character of some attractive towns and cities you might not be so familiar with. ”

And Britain's regions really do have personality, drawing their influences from the traditional and the contemporary. From the food and drink they painstakingly prepare for the hungry visitor, to the history and architecture they offer up at nearly every turn of the corner, they make sure you are treated to a visit you'll never forget. Enjoy the wonders of regional theatre on a quality break with Omega Holidays.

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